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ADHD/Mood Assessments

This type of assessment will help you understand your or your child's symptoms.  

If appropriate, it will provide a diagnosis, targeted recommendations and access to academic supports, appropriate psychological care, and additional resources to improve the quality of life and ability to function. 

ADHD/ Mood Assessments start at $975.


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Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) application. This is an application for financial support for life to the limitations caused by a particular special need. This type of assessment will assist families in assessing if their family member meets the requirements to qualify for AISH and PDD in the province of Alberta

AISH/PDD assessments start at $800 

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Behaviour/ Mood

Red Cedar offers a large selection of standardized psychological, behavioural, speech and educational assessments for both adults and children.  Assessments are aimed to better understand why a behaviour or difficulty is happening and how to be able to move forward.  All assessments are completed by a Registered Psychologist and come with a debrief of the results and targeted recommendations to support a healthy and successful way forward.

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Assessments tailored to you

Connect with us to find out what type of assessment would fit you.

Prices are dependent on what assessments and services you are looking for. 

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Learning Disabilities/ Gifted

These specialized assessments scan for Learning Disabilities (LD) in reading, writing and math. They are intended to be a deep dive into a subject area to see where support needs to be targeted.  

LD Scans start at $600. 

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Ed Psych

This comprehensive evaluation is designed to measure a child’s cognitive processing abilities (including logical reasoning, memory, attention, and executive functioning), their current level of academic knowledge and to screen their social, behavioural, and emotional functioning. This assessment can specifically define both your child’s strengths and areas of weakness, allowing the strengths to be amplified and the weaknesses to be targeted and overcome. For many children, having a psycho-educational assessment performed is the first step toward not only securing a diagnosis but also accessing a range of timely interventions and support programs.  Targeted recommendations from this assessment.

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For Adults and Children

For Adults and Children

Eligibility assessment 

Interested in the process? 

First connect with our assessment Psychologist at 


From there, assessments follow a similar process:


A Registered Psychologist chooses standardized assessments tailored to your demographic information and the specific question you are looking to have answered. 


Remote access assessments are sent to you to be completed. 

A virtual developmental history interview, a current impact interview is completed.


Depending on the circumstances and client wants, various data sources can be engaged  (ie. teachers)

Written report

The data collected is summarized in a written report. 


The report would include a diagnosis, if appropriate. 


All assessments come with targeted recommendations based on the referral question and data collected.


You will meet with our psychologist remotely to debrief all the data collected and to answer answer any of your questions. 

You will be provided a digital version of the assessment that is encrypted and password protected. 

Our specialist is available for follow up questions as they come up


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